Earn easy money and help your friends to sell their property quickly

A new way to earn easy money

Most of our purchases are from people who want a fast house sale, and who have been referred to us by people or clients that have used our service. But you don't have to be a previous client to join our referral scheme.

Tell us who needs a fast cash house sale and you can earn a £500 finder's fee.
We pay you a fixed "finder's fee" of £500 for any referrals which we purchase. We would require the name, and contact details of the person wanting to sell their house quickly for cash and the full address of the property which is up for house repossession.

Do you know anyone who wants to sell their house for cash quickly?

If you know people who need to sell their house quickly for cash then contact us on 07980 994383 or email us on with the details and earn some easy money.

Start earning your finder's fee today and put some easy money in your pocket.

Do you know people who need to sell quickly?
Help your friends to a fast house sale and earn a finder's fee