Our Mission

Honesty and Integrity

We undertake to keep you fully informed at all stages of the process. Everything we tell you will be followed up in writing, so you know exactly where you are. Most importantly we will share with you all information we receive about your property. You will be provided with a copy of the valuation report once received and you can even have sight of the original valuation instructions, so you can see how the valuer has been instructed. The valuer will be briefed to arrive at a true open market value, a value which is fair to you and fair to us. Through transparency, you can be sure there are no hidden agendas, secret deals or undue influences in arriving at valuation figures. The same openness applies to the legal process. If searches reveal any problems we will immediately let you know through your solicitor and will always work with you to iron out any legal hitches.


We undertake to move as quickly as you require. We guarantee to provide guideline offers within one working day of enquiry. We will appoint valuers on the first working day of your enquiry and will brief them to report within five working days. This will enable us to provide a confirmed offer to you within seven working days.

When buying your property we will proceed to exchange of contract as quickly as possible. We will then leave the completion date (the date you move out and receive funds) entirely to you.


We recognise that our property selling solution is not for everyone and it may be that, once you have our offer to hand, you find the offer is less than you can accept. Once you have told us this we will not pester you or try to change your mind. We want only to buy from people for whom this is the best solution.


We will treat all information you provide with total confidentiality. Details of your property, its value and condition, your own personal circumstances and any other information you care to share with us will all be retained solely for the purpose of providing you with a valuation and a cash offer.


We promise to be diligent in the preparation of our offer to you. We will carefully consider all aspects of your property, its location, condition, marketability and value, and make the best offer we possibly can. In particular, we will select a valuer who is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and will instruct him to carry out a true open market valuation, a valuation which is fair both to us and to you. To do this he will need to have full access to the property and will carry out both an internal and external inspection.