Real Estate is an independent firm specialising in the quick house sale of all types and conditions of residential properties and land.

We purchase all over the United Kingdom. With over 800 associates all around the country we have enormous purchasing power, with knowledge of most areas we buy in.

We are not estate agents and do not use the conventional methods to purchase our property. Conventional methods usually take far longer and come with no guarantees.

The service we offer is a guaranteed fast cash sale with no costs, no hassle, and no broken chains. In return, we ask for a discount off the open market value of your property, usually between 20% to 30%, basically a trade price. You can see a deal example on the benefits page which illustrates that you need not lose any money compared to a conventional sale if you use your cash buyer/first time buyer status to gain a large discount when purchasing your next home.

To read more about the integrity of our business go to our mission page. Our aim is to reassure you that you will be looked after by a professional company in a professional way.