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U14 2018/2019

 Presentation evening

Many thanks go out to Richard and Martin for their coaching and guidance getting the team into runners up spot in the league.


 No training

As a reminder, we are now on the summer break with no training until further notice.

 Cup Final Winners

Today the sun was out for an exciting cup match. The Ise Lodge Eagles should be favorites being in the league above the Weekly Rovers Samurais, but the Samurais have played all season and remained unbeaten. The kickoff saw the Eagles with a quick push that could have resulted in a goal within 30 seconds and then had a few more missed chances and hit the post. About 25 minutes into the game gave the Eagles a breakthough with Lewis B finishing a goal mouth scramble. The first half finished with the Eagles controlling the game and with the defence standing up to any breaks by the Samuaris.
The second half saw several substitutions with the Eagles continuing the main possession. Max had a shot from the edge of the box that was high and with enough power to beat the goalie to make the game more comfortable. This resulted in the Samurais changing plan and putting more players forward which put pressure on the midfield and defence. A opportunistic shot, in the 60th minute, from a long way out hung in the air for ages, goalie Dan got hands onto it but he was unable to stop it falling into the goal. This lead to a nail bitting last 10 minutes which got sealed with a nice play from Sam R to Finn, Finn layed the ball across the goal and then Dan H finished with a nice side foot past the goalie.
Final score was 3-1 with Sean being picked by the match officials as man of the match.

 Cup final at Corby Stadium

The Eagles face Weekly Rovers Samuari on Saturday at great event being held at the Corby Town Stadium.

 Corby Hellenic Fisher

The last league game of the season turned out to be a close match partly due to several players being absent. The 1-0 win to the Eagles showed just how much Corby wanted to end the season with a good result.
The final result never changed any league places, left the Eagles in second place just one point off first place but with the best goal difference in the league, +86. New challenges will come next season with some tough teams to play.

 Higham Town Colts

A comprensive win tonight with the Eagles winning by 14-1. There was a good mix of goal scorers including Morely getting a rare goal and Lewis M with his first ever double. Jack D was on form and finished 4 goals and Lewis B was robbed of a hat-trick when Sunny touched the goal bound shot whilst being offside. What was great to see was that over half the goals scored were from unselfish passes whilst in the box.


 Training update

Training will now switch from the 3G to the grass pitches at KBA on Thursdays from 7pm to 8pm.

 Grammarians Ospreys

A win is a win but the Eagles should have won the game with a bunch of goals tonight. They controlled the possession, got two good goals and then got nervous towards the end when the Ospreys got a goal back. Unfortunately the Grammarians Falcons beat Mawsley so the Eagles cannot finish above 2nd in the league this year.

Two more games left this season

 Irchester Romans

Todays match promised to be a tough match with Irchester looking to take second place in the league and Ise Lodge looking to secure promotion to division one. Ise Lodge clearly stepped up their game and worked as a team with several close chances, including a couple of long range free kicks that hit the woodwork. The Romans have come on since they last played Ise Lodge and have signed some new powerful players, this showed when their top goal scorer put them ahead early in the second half. Ise Lodge then stepped up even further and played some intricate passing football that lead to three goals. Shout out for the whole team today on making the man of the match a difficult choice, but this ultimately went to Sam T.

The Eagles now cannot finish any lower than second place

 Higham Ferrers

Ise Lodge Eagles needed to catchup on a few league games that have been postponed due to bad weather, so today they played a midweek game against Higham Ferrers. Unfortunately the Ferrers were lacking a few players so the result was a comfortable 11-0 win for the Eagles. It was nice to see plenty of passing and unselfish play in front of goal. If the Eagles get a win against the Irchester Romans at the weekend then they will get promotion to league one next season. Shout out to Luca for man of the match.

 AFC Rushden Diamonds

Semi Finals of the Plate saw both Ise Lodge and Rushden give it their all. The Eagles were unlucky to go a goal down after 15 minutes but they did not lose heart and battled onwards, getting 2 great goals in before half time. The second half bore no goals and made it a nail-biter to the finish. Eagles now face the Weekly Rovers Samurais in the final to be played soon.



Firstly hats off to both teams for playing in the heavy rain and cold weather. Ise lodge Eagles came looking for revenge after somehow losing to Mawsley a few weeks before. The difference was clear and the Eagles ruled the match. They allowed Mawsley no time on the ball and made the most of their chances with with three goals in the first half followed by two in the second half. The Mawsley manager complimented several of the boys for the quality of how they played, especially the calm defence mopping up everything near them and the midfield sending excellent through balls to the attackers. He also commented Dan being an impressive goalie. THe referee needs shout out as being the best one we have seen this season. He let the game flow and was continually praising the skills and effort of the the boys on both teams.

 Higham Ferrers

Next round of the plate was against Higham Ferrers from the same league as the Eagles but this game was very one sided and gave the boys a chance to play back to their original form. The game was won 9-0 with a good variation of scorers, some great corners and finishing, and an excellently taken penalty. Next round is Rushden and Diamonds in 2 weeks.

 AFC Rushden Diamonds

Ise Lodge Eagles controlled the match from start to finish on a really bumpy pitch that did not help the passing game for either side. The Eagles got a single goal in the first half but built on that and got 4 more during the second. Shout out to Finn for Player of the match, superb strength on the wing, with 2 goals and 2 assists.

 Grammarians Falcon

Disappointing result against a very aggressive Falcons team and not sure just how many times the ref had to speak to one particular player. That said the Eagles never came prepared enough for the Falcons game and went 2-0 down in the first half. The Eagles tried hard in the second half and quickly got a goal back and must have had another 5 chances to level the game. Unfortunately the Falcons got lucky with a goal clearance that hit the attacker and rolled into the Eagles goal.



The Eagles got beaten today by a Mawsley team who came to play. Even the referee held his head in his hands after the Eagles missed several sitters. Today was just not our day and the game ended in a loss after a nicely taken free kick from the edge of the box.

 Falcons Blue

Ise Lodge Eagles faced the Falcons Blue in the Semi Final of the NTFA Cup. This was clearly going to be a hard game against a top Northampton team who have won the last 2 cups and only lost one game in the last 2 seasons. The Eagles had to work hard against sustained attacks from a well drilled team. That said they thwarted their opponents and got lucky after the Falcons hit the cross bar plus Lewis B was unlucky not to score with an effort to lob the goalie just before half time. In the second half the Eagles pushed more and with 30 minutes to go, Finn got beyond the defense and squared a ball for Jack D to finish. From then on the Falcons looked a little shocked but with 10 minutes to go they pushed forward from a loose ball, got into the box and was awarded a penalty after a mistimed tackle.
Penatly shootout time again The Falcons Blue goalie was great and did enough - saved one Ise Penalty which put the Falcons into the final. Shout out to Dan for Player of the match, he had a lot of work to do and saved everything apart from the penalty.


 Ise Lodge Kestrels

First round of the plate was against another of the Ise Lodge teams. The Kestrels worked hard to defend in numbers and managed to keep the game level for 20 minutes but the Eagles got a goal followed by another two minutes later. The first half had very few Kestrels attacks which meant they were quite boxed in, a nice slotted ball from Sean for Finn to score and a lovely headed corner by Niall resulted in the first half ending 4-0. The Kestrels worked hard in the second half and created a couple of chances but it was the Eagles that scored 2 more to win the game 6-0. It was clear from both sides that the boggy pitch showed in the lack of quality passing and finishing. Shout out to Jack R for a superb half volley from outside the box that left the goalie with no chance.

 Wootton St George

Todays cup game was against Wootton St George who are well placed in the Northampton top league. The Eagles took a lead after 10 minutes and Wootton got an equaliser 5 minutes later. With a minute to go in the first half Finn was clearly fouled in the box but no penalty was given. Both teams had been well matched in the first half but after the break the Eagles lifted their game and created several chances that should have been finished. Finn again had the ball in the back of the net but was it ruled offside. The game ended evenly so went to pentalties. Dan was magnificent in goal, he saved 3 penalties and went on to score the decider himself to end the game 4-3. Shout out to Adam for Player of the match, he controlled the defence, won nearly all the balls that came near him and thwarted many attacks.


 Inspiration FC

Another game against new opposition, another win and another cup round won. The Northampton based team had some quality players who managed to break through the Ise defence a few times but ultimately the posession and finshing came from Ise and resulted in a final score of 10-2. Shout out to Jack D for Player of the match, scored 4 goals and 3 were headers. Mention for Lewis M for his first goal this season.


 Irchester Romans

From the start the Romans intended to do battle. They are a strong side with some big lads and their defense was hard to penetrate. The first half ended 1-1 after the Eagles got a penalty followed by a Romans counter attacking equaliser. The second half was a different matter with the Eagles changing strategy, finding some gaps in the defense and ending the game with an 8-3 victory. Shout out to Sonny for Player of the match on his first game with the Eagles. Nice interplay and a 2 goals to boot.

 Daventry Town Vikings

First time the Eagles have played the Daventry Town Vikings who play in the Northampton league 1st division. Both sides took a little time to get into the game with the Eagles missing a few early opportunities and then going a goal down from a unfortunate mix up between defence and goalie. From then on the Eagles worked hard with many outstanding plays and won the cup round 5-1. Shout out to Finn for Player of the match, fought and won nearly every ball and was outstanding.

 Playing your part

Attached is the FA's best praciste guide for players, parents and coaches on match day.

 Higham Town Ferrers

Todays game was tougher with Higham holding a backline of 4 players in order to thwart the Eagles attacks. It worked for a period but the Eagles got two goals late in the first half. The second half saw the Eagles continue the pressure with a nice long range strike followed by two more to end the game 5-0. Shout out to Goalie Dan for Player of the match, 3 clean sheets and looking more confident every game.


 Higham Town Colts

The Eagles played superb today and put into practise the pass and move skills they have been working on at training. Time after time they showed much unselfish play in front of goal which resulted in the teams highest ever score. Seven separate goal scorers with three getting hat-tricks. Shout out to Danny for Player of the match, strong in defence and attack plus got his first team hat-trick.

 Corby Hellenic Fisher

Very good game for Ise Lodge Eagles with a bag full of goals, still top of the league. Lots more encourging wingplay with several of the goals coming from byline crosses. Shout out to Lewis for Player of the match, 5 goals and could have got more.

 Rushden & Diamonds

Three games into the league and three wins puts the Eagles at the top. Eagles stunned the opposition with a goal scored within thirty seconds and then followed up with a second just before half time. Rushden & Diamonds worked hard throughout the game to control the attacks and started to comeback towards the latter part of the second half. Shout out to Sean for Player of the match, especially for tracking back and stopping a clear goal oppurtunity.

 Training reminder

Training continues at KBA on Thursdays from 7pm to 8.30pm.

 Ise Lodge Hawks

First loss in a while for the Eagles in the derby cup game against the Hawks. Shout out to Jack R for Player of the match.


 Grammarians Falcons

Another great result with the Eagles controlling the entire game and thwarting the Falcons attacks. Shame about conceeding 2 goals in the last couple of mins but a great 6-2 win. Shout out to Morley for Player of the match, defended everything that came at him.

 Friendly vs Wellingborough Town

This game was more about the errors made by both sides with each side punishing the mistakes. Wellingborough had the best of the first half with Ise working hard during the second half to finish the game 6-6.

 Grammarians Ospreys

Outstanding performance today against opposition that the Eagles have often not been able to beat. The game started with the Eagles getting a goal within the first minute and then being 3-0 within five minutes. Everybody worked hard, they closed down the Ospreys within the midfield and then the defence mopped up any attack that was made against them. Ise made so many attacks that they could have scored even more goals in a game that ended 8-2 to give Ise Lodge Eagles a fantastic result. Shout out to Adam for Man of the match, well deserved.

Top of the league on day one and looking forward to the next game in 2 weeks.

 Friendly vs Corby Kingswood White

Todays game was always going to be a tough one against opposition from a league above. From the outset Corby looked very strong, held a good shape and pushed forward looking for a goal. Corby scored after 10 minutes of play with Ise struggling to contain them. Following the goal, Ise started to increase the level of battling, started to win more balls and ended the half leading 3-1. After the break, Corby come out with increased non-stop attacking play and clear desire to win. The game ended as a 3-3 draw but could have gone either way towards the end.


 Fixtures have been released

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 Grammarians Tournament

The day started at 8:30 with Ise Lodge Eagles facing a tough group with mainly Division one teams. The First game saw Ise have the better possession and took a lead, only to have Highham get an equaliser in the last minute. Ise then lost the follwing two games to the Corby Diamonds and the Soccer Stars. The best result of the tournament saw Ise beat S&L (who are 2nd place in Division 1). The final group game saw a win against Earls Barton and gave Ise a place in the Quarter Finals against Grange Park Ranger (Winner of the Group B). This game was a tough battle that ended 1-1. Extra time was played and saw Grange Park get an incorrectly awarded corner that was far beyond the extra time allowance and this resulted in a headed goal and Ise being knocked out.

 New season training

Training restarts on Thursday 17th August at 7pm to 8.30pm.


 Summer break

Boys got the new team tops on their last training session before the summer break.

 Training location

The home pitches are now being reseeded in preperation for the approaching new season. The next two weeeks will be at KBA astro pitch at the usual 18:30 to 20:00. After this will be a summer break until August 17th when training will resume at KBA but starting at the later time of 19:00. This will then be the permentant training session through to May 2018.


 Friendly vs AFC Rushden Diamonds

Comprehensive 8-1 win. A very good team effort and a chance for the new players to show their skills. Shout out Sammy for 4 assists and being man of the match.

 Friendly vs Old Grammarians Ospreys

The Eagles lost todays match on a scoorchingly hot day. Few keys players missing from the defense meant that their main striker had more time than would normally be allowed. Eagles started well and had good possession but could just not break beyond the midfield. A few descisions did not go Eagles way with a dodgy handball leading to a 3rd goal for the Ospreys. Later in the game they had a few balls beyond the Grammarians defense but just could not convert to goals. Shout out to Jack R for a wonder shot from long range that kissed underside of the crossbar on it's way in.

 Presentation evening

Many thanks go out to Richard Burton for all the work, effort and euthusiasm he puts into training the boys. Thanks too to Martin Short for joining the coaching team - much needed as the squard grows in size for the coming season.

 Friendly vs Vicarage Farm

Today's game was against league one team of Vicarge Farm. From the off the Eagles battled hard and won more of the 50-50 balls, showed plenty of passing forwards and ultimately had the most possision. They were clearly up to the task of playing the tough opposition, on 3 occasions they had a lead that got equalised. A cheeky lob over the goalie saw them take the game 4-3. Shout out to goalie Louis for saving a penalty.


 Friendly vs Old Grammarians Falcons

Today the Eagles played a friendly against newly promoted Old Grammarians Falcons. The game started quite even with Eagles taking a two goal lead followed by two for Falcons to level the game at half time. Eagles managed to play some nice pass and move football and broke through a few times to end the game with a 6-2 win.

 New season, new kits, new team members

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