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U13 2017/2018

Finshed league in position 4

Another disappointing descision to award points against us for a postponed game - would have been a far better option for both teams to play the game. The last game of the season saw the boys play a very nice game to end the season with a win and a batch of goals.


Disappointed with the FA

It seems that a team in our league have folded with a few games to go and this has made a mockery of hard fought results for the team and individuals. As an example we had a fantastic win with only 8 players against the oppositions 9 players, and other teams above us lost to them. On top of that some of the lads have been proud of the goals scored only to find they now no longer exist. As lads and parents we strive to make every game and here we have so person sitting in a office making that effort disappear. Surely a few minutes effort could have awarded the expected results and left the league in a much fairer state.

Thats better

The fixture list has given us back to back games against Wellingbourgh town and this time we did manage to take and keep a lead. Very much out played the opponents, worked hard to be first to the ball and to close down players so as to not allow them to play their game. Again we could have had a bag full of goals but credit to their goalie for outstanding saves.


Not our best month

For some reason we had our worst game of the season with a shocking loss against Irchester Romans. To be fair they have a strong team and played as a very well drilled team. We were very unlucky to lose to Wellingbough Town after twice being in the lead, not taking our chances and then we losing by two goalie errors.


Few more good results

After a few more games we have managed to get to 2nd in the league table but we have played more games than most around us. Must keep up the winning run and hope for some advantageous results.

Time change for the first game

First match of the year has been changed to a 12:00 kickoff. Welcome to Jack who is now transferred and will be playing his first game this weekend.


Merry Christmas

Good win

Today we played a team for the second time this season. The First game was a win by only one goal, todays was a much more convincing win. This was a good all round match with Luka getting a hat-trick and Finn being man of the match.


Cup Games

Unfortunately we played 2 cup games over the last 2 weekends and never progressed to the next rounds. Guess we have to concentrate on the league postion.


Todays game had two quite evenly matched teams but Ise took a lead after 15 minutes from a superbly taken free kick. We had a number of shots but the goalie was good and kept it to only one goal. In the second half we made a few positional rotations and the other team came more on the attack, 5 mins from the end they managed to pull level.

County cup win

The boys played the cup game and had a substantial win. The boys chased every ball and played a lovely pass and move game. Also we have a fixture change, 20th November is the County cup game.


Could have gone either way

Todays game was expected to be hard but the lads played really well and they had most of the ball, if only finished a few more chances would have come away with a great result. Given the Ospreys have one of the leagues best players, we are happy the game ended in a draw.

We only had 8 players

The boys worked really hard this week to dig out a win with 8 vs 9 players. Could have been much higher if the many chances had been finished. Well done to all.

Great win

The boys playing a fantastic pass and move game and got an brilliant win. Lifts us up the table and certainly helps the goal difference. This is a link to the full time page for Ise Lodge Eagles - Full Time Ise Lodge Eagles

Cup draw

Next round os FC Aztecs from out group. Because of the league draw too means we play them 3 times over 4 weeks.


Cup games have been announced

Seems to be an odd number of teams over the 3 divisions and we have been drawn with a bye for the first round.


Fixtures are announced

We are in Division 2 and the first game is at home on 11th Sep at 10:30

Live League Table

3rd in the Grammarians Tournament

We had a great run in our group and dug out some good wins and a draw against the team who eventually lost to in the Semi Finals.


No training for 2 weeks

Training is now on summer break and starts again on 10th August

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